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Colby College Doctoral Outfit by University Cap & Gown
When the Board of Trustees of Colby College in Waterville, Maine wanted a robe designed distinctive to the college for the board and president, they turned to Duane Fox of University Cap & Gown to make it happen. 

A special shade of blue fabric is one of the most prominent features of the Colby College trustee robes.  Traditional style pleats, double-bell sleeves, a deluxe button and cord on the back with zipper front closure give this hand-crafted and custom-tailored outfit a distinctive appearance.  Rich grey velvet doctoral panels and bars edged with silver cording are clearly visible against the blue fabric of the gown.  Embroidered Colby College emblems on the front velvet panels add the final touch to this already handsome gown.

The Colby College trustee hood is of the shield style in design featuring a royal blue shell with the satin lining in blue with a silver-grey chevron.  Velvet trim in grey providing a match to the panels and bars edges the hood. 

Complimenting the trustee regalia is the specially designed Colby College presidential outfit.

University Cap & Gown is the official designer and manufacturer of the Colby College trustee and presidential regalia.

For more information about what we can do for your president and trustees, contact Duane Fox at:

PHONE: (800) 585-5500
EMAIL: [email protected]
Trustee regalia designed by University Cap & Gown
for Colby College, Waterville, Maine
Pilgrim Cloth gown fabric from University Cap & Gown
This plain weave fabric offers a soft sheen with superb drape.  It has the feel of substance yet is light and comfortable. A spun polyester, Pilgrim is hard-wearing, easy care washable in colors that are bright and permanent.
This luxurious woven polyester fabric in a premium quality weave yarn is texturized in both the warp and the weft which gives it a good feel while being light in weight. It also gives it superb draping and creases just fall out. Our Regis fabric is easy care machine washable.
Regis Cloth gown fabric from University Cap & Gown
Presidential and Trustee Academic Regalia by University Cap & Gown
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