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8 corner black velvet tam with gold metallic tassel.
A special blue fabric is one of the most prominent features of the authentic University of New Hampshire doctoral outfit.  Traditional style pleats, a deluxe button and cord on the back with zipper front closure give this hand-crafted and custom-tailored outfit a distinctive appearance.  Rich black velvet doctoral panels and bars trimmed with silver cording are clearly visible against the blue fabric of the gown.  Embroidered patches of the official crest of the University of New Hampshire are on each panel at chest level.

The proper cap to be worn with this authentic doctoral outfit is an 8 corner black velvet tam with a metallic tassel.

Your outfit would not be complete without the doctoral hood.  The University of New Hampshire doctoral hood is of the traditional style in design featuring a black shell with the satin lining in royal blue with a white chevron.  Velvet trim in the color representative of the degree conferred edges the hood.

University Cap & Gown designed this regalia for the university and is the official manufacturer and supplier of the authentic University of New Hampshire doctoral outfit.

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The authentic University of New Hampshire doctoral outfit crafted by University Cap & Gown.
University of New Hampshire Authentic Doctoral Gown