Rich in appearance and distinctive in design, this Harvard University regalia for those awarded a master's degree  is crafted using our Pilgrim Cloth fabric in deep black.  Traditional style pleats, a deluxe button and cord on the back with zipper front closure are just some of the features offered with this design.

Characteristic of the master's degree robe is the oblong sleeve, open at the wrist.  The rear of the lower part of each sleeve is square cut with an arc cut  away on the front.

The Harvard regalia deviates from the Intercollegiate Code's standards in that the color of the degree is shown on the crow's foot emblem embroidered on the front panels of the gown at chest level instead of on the hood trimming. The color refers to the school granting the degree rather than the subject of the degree itself.

All graduates' hoods are crafted with a black shell lined with Harvard crimson fabric, and are cut in the Edinburgh simple shape originally used by Oxford University. Unlike most other United States universities, there is no velvet trim. Master's hoods for Harvard University are 42" in length.

The proper cap to be worn with the Harvard University master's regalia is the 4-corner mortarboard in the same color and fabric as the robe.  The tassel is black.

University Cap & Gown has been providing distinctive academic apparel as far back as our establishment in the 1920s. 

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Regalia of the master's degree for Harvard University crafted and supplied by University Cap & Gown.
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