Rich in appearance and distinctive in design, this Master's Degree regalia   is crafted using our Pilgrim Cloth fabric in royal blue.  Traditional style pleats with full fluting over the shoulders and across the back with zipper front closure are just some of the features offered with this design.

Characteristic of the master's degree robe is the oblong sleeve, open at the wrist.  The rear of the lower part of each sleeve is square cut with an arc cut  away on the front.  

The academic hood shown is of a black shell with satin lining with the field in royal blue with a white chevron.  The hood shown is trimmed in velvet in the color representative of the degree awarded which, in this case, is a Master of Science.

The proper cap to be worn with the master's regalia is the 4-corner mortarboard in the same color and fabric as the robe.  An option to further customize the outfit for your college or university would be to have a black cap. The tassel is black.

University Cap & Gown has been providing distinctive academic apparel as far back as our establishment in the 1920s. 

To learn more about this regalia or to design distinctive regalia unique to you college or university, contact Duane Fox at:

PHONE: (800) 585-5500
EMAIL: [email protected]
Custom designed Master's Degree academic regalia by University Cap & Gown
This plain weave fabric offers a soft sheen with superb drape.  It has the feel of substance yet is light and comfortable. A spun polyester, Pilgrim is hard-wearing, easy care washable in colors that are bright and permanent.
This luxurious woven polyester fabric in a premium quality weave yarn is texturized in both the warp and the weft which gives it a good feel while being light in weight. It also gives it superb draping and creases just fall out. Our Regis fabric is easy care machine washable.
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